Chinese dating first kiss

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first-year high school student who is one of two stepsisters to Keita and twin sister to Riko.The more intellectual of the pair, Ako is educated, maternal, responsible, the General Affairs manager of the student council, skilled at cooking, homemaking, and endeavors to maintain a prim and proper demeanor.She enters her third-year middle school when Keita starts his first year in high school.She is much more mature for her age than her sister is, and tends to keep a mostly level head when her sister is losing hers.She considers her sister, Yuzuki, and Keita to be two of a kind, well suited for each other, and enjoys watching them try to act like a normal teacher and student.

However, she seems to be just as interested in amusing herself by watching the antics and reactions of others as in actually winning him over.A fairly quiet and unassuming character, she comes to his attention when she delivers Keita his entrance exam results; having passed, he joyfully befriends her.Unlike the other girls, Miharu is comparatively meek, easily intimidated and predisposed to anxiety; as such, she suffers from enuresis (which becomes a running gag in the series).Riko is most recognized for wearing an adhesive bandage on her left cheek, ostensibly to cover up a scar that from when Keita threw a toy at her when they were children.There may not even be a scar, but Riko never lets anyone see what's under the bandage.

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As such she isn't afraid of abusing her authority on the student council to either make a pass at Keita, or cover up embarrassing occurrences.