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The movie was directed by SA Chandrasekhar, which was released in the year 1985.Rajinikanth turns out to be a goon, who takes revenge for his sister death.The song 'Malargalai pol thangai urangukia' from the movie became the all time best songs in Tamil film industry which narrates the brother and sister relationship.'Annana vittu oru kalayanama' song, from the movie had Rajinikanth, Sathyaraj, Ambika and K Bhagyaraj in the lead role.

During the lobster-cooking scene Annie runs and retrieves a camera to take pictures of Alvy dealing with the crustaceans.Thank you, writer/director Kenneth Lonergan, for showing us how it's done.I was slightly obsessed with this lovely Nicole Holofcener film about the tangled lives of neighbors when it came out a couple of years ago.The result is a moving and resonant dramatic comedy from the incredibly talented Tamara Jenkins.I love how the sibling relationship in this John Hughes film starts in classic cinematic rivalry mode, but ultimately redeems itself as love softens the heart of Jennifer Grey's embittered sister to Matthew Broderick in his iconic role.

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The contrast in personalities between its two sisters—played by Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall—is stark, which makes the bond between them that much more poignant.

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