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Controls are really easy and you must only press one button on mouse to play, but you know how it goes the simplest things are the hardest!

This game offers a huge number of great levels, you can modified your charachter to your taste, there is available a practice mode for begginers.

As the game proceeds, you have to ramp through mysterious valleys and dark caves avoiding obstacles and picking up coins, leap up and down shaky platforms and dash into size, speed and gravity-changing portals to clear the toughest parts of the way.At each level, you can gather three secret coins placed in hard-to-reach areas.The higher your score is the more achievements you can unlock.Each character comes in its own shape and also with a different manner of movement.It might take some time to get used to it, but that what gives Geometry Dash World such a high replay value.

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Or maybe it’s addictive tapping mechanics that is, surprisingly, sound-based?

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