Invalidating symptom

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She can’t get a referral to a gender clinic, which means she cannot start transitioning.This is because her doctor is concerned that, as an autistic person, she may not fully understand what she is agreeing to.As examples of epistemic invalidation, let’s look at five fictional people.They are all partly based on people who I know personally/have met, who have told me about how their experiences have been invalidated and undermined.* 1.

But if you’re interested, I could write another post about the role of the Christian church and the medical services, through the ages, in developing this approach to disabled people.) Here’s a hint.

Epistemic invalidation is anything that invalidates your experience as a disabled person.

Wendell gives a distressing example: people with MS were once told that they could not possibly be experiencing pain in their bones, muscles and skin, because medicine had not discovered what might cause this pain.

But Elle says that she knows her own mind and body, and knows what she wants.

Facing the possible prospect of life without the option of transitioning, Elle starts to feel suicidal. Lou finds it easier to communicate on the internet than in person, as a result of their mental health problems.

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