Mars and venus and dating

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Mars and venus and dating

Our relationships can be a safe haven in which we can expect support, comfort, and ease.The delicate hormonal chemical reactions within the body and brain can quickly become amplified under stress - playing havoc with the way we behave in our most intimate relationships.Over time, as reality sets in and her expectations are not always satisfied, she no longer assumes that all her needs will be met.The resulting decrease in hope, trust, and optimism will affect her oxytocin levels.When this happens, the honeymoon is over, and a man starts to look elsewhere to stimulate higher levels of testosterone to make himself feel good.His workplace will almost always provide new challenges to capture his interest and raise his testosterone levels.Her responses of trust and appreciation not only nourish his soul, but also counteract the effect of stress by stimulating a healthy level of testosterone.Failure, or the anticipation of failure, in making his partner happy has the opposite effect - creating stress for a man and lowering his testosterone levels.

Oxytocin stimulates maternal behaviour in women as well as sexual arousal.So, if you're too tired for sex, feel the woman in your life does nothing but nag, feel you're 'doing it all' with little help from your partner, or are frustrated because your husband doesn't listen - read on.In the past 50 years, life has become so much more complicated.The challenge automatically stimulates the production of testosterone, the "male" hormone that contributes to a man's sense of power and well-being.As relationship routine sets in, and the challenge in the relationship decreases, however, his testosterone levels naturally decrease.

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Normal levels of testosterone are linked to feelings of success in men (depressed men have low levels of testosterone).