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There was a faint splash and then the thing moved again.Naruto blinked rapidly, trying to adjust his eyes to the dark figure. And it was the most beautiful girl Naruto had ever seen.So if a man saw a girl naked he would have to be her husband right? And if you don't know who I am please check out my other story! I only use the characters for my own maniacal reasons! Naruto followed the soft sound deeper into the forest until the quiet pitter patter became a roaring downpour.Doesn't that bring a whole new light to the waterfall scene? This chapter starts off right before the waterfall scene which is in the bikochu arc which is episodes 148-150 you must watch the waterfall scene before reading this because im changing it to fit my needs! Naruto pulled a large branch aside and gazed at a large, beautiful waterfall.

The water felt so good and so rejuvenating that Hinata decided to dance. She couldn't even imagine the lecture she was about to get."Do you plan on marrying him? She could have traveled back in time a week and told her past self that in a week Naruto would see her naked and become her husband, she would have told herself that she was crazy. How could Hinata marry when Naruto when she could hardly even talk to him without passing out."Uh… He should know about this as well." Tsunade said breaking the long silence. Becoming a successful leader of the Hyuuga clan is one more step closer to becoming the Hokage. She had to admit that marrying Naruto was a dream come true. Hiashi had obviously under-exaggerated the size of the house. Hiashi opened the huge doors and then handed the key to Naruto. You must have a lot to talk about." Hiashi then turned and left.The fresh air and cold droplets of water on her bare skin relaxed Hinata and only seemed to encourage more dancing. Tsunade sent Shizune off to retrieve Naruto at once. You certainly would become a lot more popular…"Naruto's eyes twinkled with determination. Then becoming the Hokage would be a walk in the park. But she had always imagined getting married when she was older. Naruto and Hinata walked into the grand house and gaped at the amazing furniture.Suddenly, there was a quick gasp and then a moment later there was a loud splash. However, leave Hinata here.""Yes, Hokage." The three boys said in unison. Tsunade has told me that a boy saw you naked yesterday. She arrived several minutes dragging a bound Naruto behind her."I'm sorry, Tsunade. "As Hinata's husband you will share her role as Heiress and gain all the rights of a Hyuuga. "If not for this stupid tradition I would never even allow you in the Hyuuga House's front gates. But I swear to you, if you screw this up or break Hinata's heart, I will kill you."Naruto groaned. Naruto wrapped his hand into a fist and pumped it into the air. The house even had its own small pond in the center! I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of Love Hinata.It was on one of these training escapades that Hinata found an amazing waterfall. " Hinata's face was the reddest it had ever been in her life. "There is an ancient law in the Hyuuga clan for a long time. She hadn't even had her first kiss yet and she was already getting married! " Hiashi said snapping Hinata out of her thoughts."Y-Yes, father?The crystal clear water and the twinkling stars made Hinata feel at peace. Premarital dating or sexual activity has been strictly forbidden. " Hinata mumbled trying to avoid Naruto's piercing gaze."Come with Naruto and me. Naruto, your lousy apartment is no place for a Hyuuga and Hinata's room can't fit two people. This house is big enough to hold you both and several kids if you choose to have any."Hinata entire face turned crimson.

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