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Eric came back from the rehab of heroin and alcohol addiction, with a new album '461 Ocean Boulevard' which including a single 'I Shot The Sheriff'. If i'm not back again this time tomorrow- carry on, carry on- as if nothing really matters"By "i'm", he may mean his old self- the one who she loved and the one who loved her.

Everyone was so surprised at what he was doing on that album. His best friend is Barney.(He works for Mister Slate, pushing rocks, Spends his day on the clock.)When the whistle-bird blows, Yabba Dabba Doo time! In this case, he's saying if he doesn't come back- for her to go on and date new people and just forget about him like it doesn't even matter.

The lawyer began by thanking Lemon for having him on the segment before telling him he hoped the CNN Tonight host would take it easy on him so he could give him the moniker: 'Don Easy Peasy Lemon Squeeze-e.'Lemon didn't react to the overly-familiar nickname, and continued with the interview.

'But, hey, Don Lemon Squeeze-e, keep it easy, here's the thing,' said the attorney in what appears to have been an embarrassing attempt to ingratiate himself with Lemon.'It's just Lemon,' the host interjected.

'My mom didn't name me Don Lemon 'keep it easy squeeze-e.' It's just Don Lemon.

They've been gracing the shows with their presence at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week.

And Salma Hayek stunned in not one, but two glamorous outfits when she attended the big shows on Monday afternoon, first donning a smart suit to join her business mogul husband François-Henri Pinault at the Stella Mc Cartney show.

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