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Cybersex , it seems, might just be in the eye of the beholder.

But while Kari might be the most advanced commercially available artificial intelligence pleasure model online, if I walked in on a boyfriend having an 8-bit roll in the hay with her, I'd be fighting the urge to laugh, not the urge to throw dishes.

How do you know if you're crossing a cybersex line?

Talking about your cybersexuality with your partner is the right thing to do, but yeah, like that's easy when it's been an ongoing thing, or you have a fetish you don't know how (or want) to share.

In my relationship we are incredibly open and honest.

We don't have many rules, so there isn't much to lie about.

But that cybersex often involves another human gives it a twist; walking in on a boyfriend with an actual human female on the other side of the screen, having a hot and heavy text or cam session -- I don't need to consult our To S to know that wouldn't feel good, at all. It may even feel 'real' for one person in the encounter, and not for the other person with whom they are having cybersex.

Cybersex is also a more creative form of masturbation, so in many ways it's not too terribly different than enjoying porn or fantasy. , a San Francisco psychotherapist for individuals and couples, tells me, "I would say that whether or not it is 'real' sex depends upon how the interaction is experienced by the participants.She occasionally engages in cybersex with multiple partners on her own, and sometimes the couple has a cyber "threesome." The techno-poly couple is upfront that the status of their relationship is non-monogamous , but I still wondered how this nouveau poly arrangement negotiated the murky waters of cybersex and infidelity.Lumpesse explains, "Cheating is an interesting question.I used to say that I 'don't do anything I wouldn't want him sitting next to me while I'm doing,' but I think that is pretty reductive and too prone to literal interpretation.Instead, any sort of keeping secrets feels like infidelity to me." To Kolmes, this makes a lot of sense; cybersex outside a non-monogamous relationship is a natural fit.

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