Radio nrj bulgaria online dating

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Radio nrj bulgaria online dating

Radio has long been a very popular medium in France, with more than 1,200 stations thanks to the 1982 law ending the state monopoly.A French household has on average 5.9 radio receivers, an increase from 5.6 in 2002, including digital receivers such as computers, mp3 players and, increasingly, mobile phones.For example, leading daily newspaper Le Figaro lost 10m euro in 2007 with a circulation of 344,479 copies at a retail price of €1.30.The industry and the government organised during four months in fall 2008 an extraordinary conference about this issue .

These figures include 4.9 million immigrants, a third coming from Europe (Portugal, Poland, Italy), another third from Maghreb, 12 percent from sub-Saharan Africa and 17 percent from the rest of the world, mainly Asia (Turkey included).

Twelve new and very dynamic channels are accessible freely since 2005 (and a few other locally), and in 2008, almost 80 percent of TV owners were already TNT viewers as well.

The audience of these channels is up 15.6 percent as of August, 2009, with the two best “little channels” comprising, on average, 2.6 percent of the audience (TMC and W9).

Until recently they merely copied and pasted content from their print edition online without any major editorial innovation.

Citizen journalism and blogging are still seen by journalists as purely amateur practices without value to the production of information.

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Global profits were down 2.3 percent in 2008 to 10.6bn euro, thanks to a drop in advertising revenues (now accounting for 43.8 percent of industry revenue).

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