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Sex video senegali 3g

at Hudson's Bay in March, and to build its nest of mud and feathers in May, about half way up a pine tree, laying five white eggs, speckled with yellow : the young fly about the middle of June, and remain till the end of November, when both old and young disappear, and are supposed to retire inward.

Common at Hudson's Bay and New York ; and is called by the name of Asitchou Achashish, at the former place : has been said to have been shot in England, but most likely was only an accidental variety of the common Crossbill, or one escaped from a cage, as North American birds rarely or even never occur in Europe: it is said to appear 234 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL. Their feet have three toes before and one behind ; and their food generally consists of fruits and seeds : we have but five spe- cies of the genus indigenous. Grosbeak of a cinereous chesnut-eolour, with a white line on the wings ; middle quill-feathers rhomboid at the tip ; lateral tail-feathers at the base black.

■ longicauda lotharingica luctuosa ludovicia maelbiensis 384 371 381 351 354 374 385 344 417 349 367 392 370 422 369 393 366 399 — melanocephala 365 — mexicana .

398 Emberiza platensis ■ jjratensis — principalis provincial is ■ psittacea pusilla quadricolor ■ Quelea ■ regia .

In Hudson's Bay this bird is observed to feed on the buds of the willow, and to frequent the groves of firs and junipers, making its nest about May with sticks, lined with feathers, at a little distance from the ground, laying four white eggs ; the young are hatched the beginning of June : it is called Wuscunithoiv at the latter place. Blood-coloured Grosbeak, with the face and breast black; wings and tail-feathers blackish.

Peters- burgh, where it is taken for the use of the table. sanguitiea, facie pectoreque atris, alis rectricibusque nigrican- tibus.

• ■ '■""» ■ ■ ■ little brovon Bunting: Amazonian Angola . 374 chrysophrys 391 chrysoptera Cia 396 397 383 364 402 378 416 386 387 415 401 — cinerea — Ciris . — citrinella — coccinea — caerulea ■— cyanea 353 355 401 403 356 351 413 408 407 Vlll INDEX. 377 — — — erythropthalma4l4 familiaris fasciata ferruginea Jlava flaveola flaviventris fucata . This species is a regular inhabitant of Sweden, Germany, and many other parts of Europe, where it breeds ; and migrates occasionally in vast flocks into the other parts : it is never known to breed in this country, but sometimes appears in immense numbers, fixing on those spots that abound with 232 COMMON CROSSBILL. The male of this bird varies from a beautiful red to orange colour on the head, neck, breast, back, and rump : the wing-coverts rufous brown : quills and tail dusky: vent nearly white: under tail- coverts dusky spotted : tail forked : legs short : claws strong : female in general of a dull olive- green on those parts that are red in the male : back varied with dusky ; wings and tail similar to the male, but not so dark : the mandibles are not always crossed on one side.

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