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What you might not know, however, is that the Monteleone also houses one of the sexiest rooftop pools in town.And when it heats up in the Crescent City, a pool is the place to cool down and spy a little flesh.Why just get the regular old spa experience when you can infuse your pampering with Voodoo?

And that's part of the problem with "Shameless." "'Shameless' depicts poverty in far more than a quantitative sense.From the infamous red light Storyville days to the New Orleans we know and love today, the Crescent City is one of the steamiest cities in the country (which might partially explain all the humidity).So if you’re looking to get a little naughty in the Big Easy, here are some of your best bets...The show plays on so many stereotypes as to be white-trash porn," Joel Hendel wrote for The Atlantic."To portray poverty as so comic and so kitschy runs the risk of condescension, especially when you consider the idiosyncratic style of the show and the affluence of Showtime's demographics." The demographic its appealing to and the constant nudity also has some wondering whether or not "Shameless" is doing a service or just prettying up poverty.

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