Updating activesync M webcamlive

Posted by / 23-Dec-2017 12:23

Major vendors like Apple are no doubt pleased that Microsoft has done a fine job of supporting their app store, but they would be less than happy if Microsoft dropped EAS and forced Apple to support a new protocol to connect the i OS email client to Exchange.

The same is true for the multitudinous Android vendors, each of whom has their own take on what a perfect email client should behave.

Calendaring has long been the most difficult area for EAS developers to handle properly, so any improvement in this area is to be welcomed.

This means that the Root CA along with all the Intermediate certificates have to be installed on the device.

If the Root CA or one of the intermediate is missing from the device, the chain is not trusted.

Just over a year ago, I wrote about Microsoft’s mobile email strategy and concluded that OWA for devices was where all the attention was focused.

I concluded that “ “ The situation was transformed last November when Microsoft bought Acompli and then relaunched their Apple and Android clients in a bumpy rebranding exercise in January 2015.

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Not much has happened in the five years since, except of course a succession of client-side problems caused when other vendors attempted to do things with EAS that they should not have.