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So how did North Korea get its hands on the nuclear material? Bush became president in 2001 and was highly skeptical of Clinton’s deal with North Korea. Powell was even slapped down when he suggested the administration would follow the path set by the Clinton administration.The new administration terminated missile talks with Pyongyang and spent months trying to develop its own policy.Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-described 9/11 mastermind, also lived in the Philippines in the mid-1990s and has admitted he considered trying to kill Mr Clinton.The president and his national security team have been accused of passing up several opportunities to capture bin Laden and his associates in the 1990s when they were living in Sudan.As with Iran, there was also an international component, with South Korea, Japan and a European agency joining with the United States to create an organization to implement the accord. However, the terms of the agreement are controversial and subject to scrutiny by the Republican-dominant U. Congress that began a series of congressional hearings in mid-January 1995.As Iowa State University professor Young Whan Kihl noted in an article exploring the political ramifications: Since the “Agreed Framework” took the form of a presidential “executive agreement,” rather than a formal treaty (such as SALT I & II), the U. Senate did not need to give “advise and consent” under the U. Some congressmen and senators demanded that the “agreed framework” be treated as a formal treaty; this move was resisted by the Clinton Administration but, because of the budgetary and appropriation clauses of the agreement, the U. Congress was inevitably drawn into the process of implementation and verification of the agreement.(Toward the end of the negotiations, the Bush administration learned that North Korea had helped Syria build a nuclear facility, which was destroyed by Israeli warplanes.

Commentators in the US questioned why the Clinton administration would keep quiet about the assassination attempt when it later needed to justify missile attacks on al-Qaeda training bases.Prof Gormley’s book, for which he interviewed Mr Clinton three times, focuses mainly on the former president’s pursuit by Ken Starr, the independent counsel.Mr Starr’s conclusion that Mr Clinton lied during a sworn deposition about his affair with Monica Lewinsky led to the president’s impeachment.It could also have ramifications for the widely-held assumption that the Bush regime could not have anticipated the September 11 terror attacks.Ramzi Yousef, the al-Qaeda member who used a truck bomb to attack the World Trade Centre in 1993, has admitted he plotted to assassinate Mr Clinton after fleeing to Manila, but was dissuaded by his high level of security.

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The theory of the deal was that, with the plant shuttered and the plutonium under the close watch of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), North Korea would not be able to produce a bomb.

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